Pet Photography - Beautifully captured

A note from the artist

Thank you so much for thinking of me to create uniquely beautiful

photographic artwork of your pets. If you are here, it’s obvious you share

a love of animals and you would love to capture your pet in a new and

beautiful light.


Our pets are so important to us, they fill many parts of lives and

have become apart of our families. The amount of love and affection they

give us is unbinding and limitless, we couldn’t image our lives without



Your pet, your best friend, a devoted and loyal friend on this journey through

life. Sadly, our canine companions cannot be with us forever. Through

photography, you can honor and preserve the memories you are making

with your pet every day.


This guide is a little insight into why capturing precious moments,

the love and bond your pet and you have is so important.




Victoria Kander

Owner + Photographer of Tails and Trails Photography



Photos of puppies melts everyone's hearts and we all wish we could have a puppy again. Those sweet, fluffy puppies grow up right before your eyes. This is the most innocent and sweetest times of your pets life. You'll want to capture those fleeting moments so that you can go back and remember your pet as a goofy, floppy little puppy.



It is a sad fact, one day your furry family will have to leave you. After they are gone what will you have to remember them by? Most people have hundreds of phone photos with bad lighting and resolution only good for printing 8x10 or smaller. Booking a photo session with your pet allows you to capture something that will illustrate their whole life with you.



Many families get a photo shoot done together to document life and growth together, why not have one for your pet as well? Your time together with your fur family is a lot more fleeting and pet photography allows you to always remember those family members. Imagine those action shots and goofy dog grins along side your family portraits. Pet portraits also have the added benefit of looking great at larger proportions and can easily become an art piece in your home.



These prints are not stock photos or décor bought from a store, this is a unique and very personalized piece of art. A lot of homes hang images of animals that they don't know on their walls, but instead of spending hundreds of dollars on those images you now have the chance to create your own custom made art piece of your pet.


A photographer with a career has the training, the equipment, experience, materials and supplies required to produce a high quality portrait. A professional photographer will not only provide you with those breath taking images, but they will take into account all of those elements that others would not be able to. They have the proper equipment and skills to blend the two together and capture the light and details needed to get that amazing shot. Another benefit of hiring a photographer is that the image will be fine-tuned and enhance the image.


In today's day and age, pet photography is a luxury, but once you have gotten those moments you will have them forever. You will look at them everyday and have no doubt in your mind how much they are worth to you. A photo freezes that moment in time, and captures all the details that you might have forgotten. Our pets are a big part of our lives and these immortalized memories tell the story of our lives. These animals grow with us, help us grow and be better, they share our everyday lives with us and capturing their presence is very important. Pets are very much apart of our family and having those memories of our family is not only priceless, but a treasure.



A picture is worth a thousand words. We all need to stand out from the crowd occasionally especially when it comes to your printing and marketing materials.  The quality of those images speaks to the quality of your products and services. 


There's no question that trying to find the right photographer is a daunting task. Hiring a seasoned professional photographer with a experienced background is the best way to ensure you receive the most quality work. Time passes quickly and before you know it, your pet has transformed right before your eyes. Here are a few wonderful guide lines to help make choosing your pet photographer flawless!




1. Generalist vs Specialist


A generalist is one who captures a bit of everything: families, weddings, animals, landscape, etc. A specialist is one who is experienced in one area. Getting pictures of hyper or a fast moving pet does require an experienced photographer. The photographer must understand and be able to communicate or engage with them in order to capture the soul of the animal. Every pet is unique and finding a photographer that is able to work patiently with pets while capturing images that showcase the uniqueness is ideal.


2. Choose a style


Each photographer is unique in their style of images and even customer service skills. Each photographer comes with pros and cons, and your personal preference will determine those. Spend some time checking out each photographers portfolio, blog and social media's to make sure they are the perfect fit for you and your story.


3. Know the process


Pre-session consultations can be very important in choosing your photographer. It will provide you with an opportunity to discuss your project or idea, let them know what you are looking for, how everything will work and yours and the photographers expectations. This time will allow you to get to know each other and to get a better feeling if this is the right pet photographer.


4. The investment


Figuring out you budget is just as important, if not more. Use this budget to compare each photographer with their prices in comparison to the quality of their work provided for that price. Price is often a reflection of the quality of work and customer service provided. The thing to always remember is that you will pay once, but years down the road when you look at those images of your beloved pet, you wont remember how much it cost you. You will remember how amazing and unique your pet is for you.


What makes Tails and Trails Photography unique?


Tails and Trails Photography offers a one of a kind experience. I am a Colorado pet photographer that specializes in photographing all pets in a unique way. I offer a unique and artistic take on you and your fur family. I can help bring out the true personality of any pet, and be able to capture that moment and suspend it in time for you to treasure forever.


I believe photographs and videos are timeless. Combining the passion you feel for your pet and photography requires passion and takes a special kind of skill and talent.


I strive to provide you with fun and relaxed approach to the traditional portrait photography using natural light to capture the way you naturally see your pet.

Why choose custom pet photography?

Custom pet photography is more of a luxury item, it is truly not for everyone. Custom pet photography requires a certain level of commitment, forethought and planning and investment in time and money on both the photographers side and the clients side. 

The beauty of custom pet photography is in the choices available to you. When you receive service and final images from someone caring about the moments shared that they take extra time to ensure that your artwork you get is good enough to stand behind with their own name. The level of quality and commitment has all but disappeared among the age of  “mass produced", “mass marketed”, and "everyone is a number".

 It would be fair to say that all things are not created equal. When you choose Tails and Trails Photography you are choosing a unique tailored experience. Your bond with your pet is unique so your photography should be as well.

"Victoria is so great to work with! She was professional and really knew how to capture my pups sporadic attention- even when he was only 10 weeks old. The quality of the pictures is amazing, and we still love to look back on them to see just how much our pup has changed over the year." -Meghan



Choosing to venture into hiring a pet photographer is a very important decision and it’s key that you can make the right choice. That’s why I offer a FREE consultation. We’ll meet over a coffee and we’ll discuss what you have in mind, which sessions I can offer you that will suit your needs and wishes, and you will tell me more about you and your pet.



I only do a few sessions a month in order to deliver the best to my clients. The first step is to choose the season and date that you want and to ensure your spot all you need to do is pay a $100 retainer fee.


Every pet is a unique, that’s why all my sessions are tailored according to your pet’s personality, age, and physical conditions. Getting to know your pet will help me to prepare the best session possible to meet your expectations and design a special and fun photo session for all of you. 



Seven days before your session your remaining balance is due. I'll send you a reminder e-mail as well as a schedule to help us with time management and to make sure everything is ready.
One or two days before the actual day, I’ll check the latest weather forecast. If the weather isn’t agreeable (rainy, snowing, too windy or too hot), we will probably need to reschedule the session to another day to preserve the comfort of you and your pet.



If it’s the first time I’ll meet your pet, I’ll take a few minutes to get to know your pet so he/she will be totally comfortable having me around with my camera. Based on our previous conversations, your pet’s personality, and the final art work requirements in mind, I’ll work through a number of set looks and lighting techniques to achieve the desired results. We will also be getting "in the moment" shots while you and your pet(s) are enjoying time together.


Two weeks after your session, we’ll meet again to review your images and choose the right size and mounting system for your pieces of art. You will be able to make your order and pay for your products.



After two weeks (depending on the scope of the project), you will receive your art work at your home or office. With your order, you’ll find 6 Referral Cards for you to share with your family and friends so everyone can benefit from another session.

"My dogs love Victoria! Photos always turn out amazing, she knows how to work with dogs so that they are happy and relaxed and their personality really shines through in her images! I really like her unique style as well, her photos have a real "dreamy" feel to them." -Page

Your pets personality, forever!
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