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I have been having trouble finding my words, you seemed to have taken them when you left. But tonight we brought you home to stay and they seemed to reappear.

We remember, my little warrior, the day you made this house a home. You were just a little ball of fluff, not even half way grown. You stumbled when you ran around, it was hard to steer four legs. You learned to sit, and stay, and come, and of course how to beg. You loved our play sessions, you never left our sides. You loved when we were happy, and would lick our faces with all our laughter and tilt your head after. You would fetch a ball or toy, without even having to be asked. But your face would surely fall, when I felt the need to scold. You found the outside world exciting, do you remember your first snow? You wouldn't come back inside, because you loved it so. We never once felt lonely so long as you were here, You were at our feet or on our laps, you constantly were near. Oh, we are going to miss you, there is no doubt about that. But, my little warrior, for your pain to go away we had to send you back. You're going back to heaven now, from once you came. You'll be welcomed back by God, himself, who knows your doggy name. I think there is squeaky toys up there and yummy treats to share. And sticks to run around with, with those floppy ears. You wont even need a leash, you'll have all the fresh air. And when my time on earth is done, and at heavens gate I near. I don't want to hear harps and songs, just... happy barks so dear. So see you later, my little warrior, I am glad you are now pain-free. And now you wait right there for us and be a real good boy.

We love you Bubba, more than you could have known. RIP my little warrior

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